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Knee Replacement

   Advanced Treatment Procedure Cost India.    Days in Hospital    Procedure Cost (USD)
  Knee Replacement (Single)   Yes, up to 7 Days   4900
  Knee Replacement (Double)  Yes, up to 10 Days    9500

Inclusions and Exclusions


1. Airport Pick-up on Arrival in India
2. Airport Drop on Departure from India
3. Cost of initial Evaluation and Diagnosis
4. Cost of the Surgery or Treatment
5. Cost of applicable one implant/prosthesis
6. OT Charges and Surgeon’s Fees
7. Consultation Fees of the Doctor for the concerned specialty
8. Nursing and Dietician’s Charges
9. Hospital Stay for the specified number of days in the respective room category as mentioned against the package
10. Hospital stay includes stay of the patient and one attendant for the duration of stay mentioned against the package
11. Routine investigations and medicines related to the surgery or treatment.
12. Food for the patient and the attendant for the specified number of days as mentioned against the package
13. Travel Assistance/Medical Visa Invite/FRRO/ Visa Extensions
14. Assistance in finding right budget hotel or guest house accommodation


1. All expenses for stay beyond the specified number of days
2. Cross Consultations other than the specified speciality
3. Use of special drugs and consumables
4. Blood products
5. Any other additional procedure
6. Post discharge consultations, medicines, procedures and follow-ups
7. Treatment of any unrelated illness or procedures other than the one for which this estimate has been prepared
8. Travel Expenses and Hotel Stay


This is an estimate only. The above prices are indicative only and the actual price may vary depending upon the exact condition of the patient. This estimate is applicable only for the respective surgery or procedure or treatment and is not applicable to patients who have other health problems in addition to the problem for which the above surgery or treatment is done.Prices are valid for limited period and are subjected to change based on currency fluctuations and other external cost factors. The package does not include treatment of any unrelated illness or procedures other than the one for which this estimate has been prepared. Also expenses for any additional hospital stay beyond the stipulated days as per the estimate shall be payable extra. The cost range is based upon our best understanding of the patient’s condition at the time of contact and more informed estimates can be provided once the patient is thoroughly examined by the concerned physician at the treating institution.

Room Categories

Private Room


In a single occupancy room or a private room you need not share the room or the facilities with other patient/s. One attendant can stay with you in the room. The room is air-conditioned with spacious sitting area, patient cabinet & cupboard, attached bathroom, sofa-cum bed for the attendant, cable television and telephone. The nursing services are available round the clock with nurse call system.

Twin- Sharing Room: (20 to 25% Lower Cost of Treatment)


In a double occupancy or twin sharing room you have to share the room with another patient. Twin-sharing rooms areseparated with curtains. A twin sharing room may have all the facilities of a private room or single room like attached bath, a couch for an attendant, a telephone, TV, etc. but you need to share it with the other patient, The other patient may also have one attendant with him/her and a separate couch is provided to that attendant. There will be no difference as far as quality or level of service is concerned. You will have the same doctor or surgeon who will be treating patients in other room categories. Further there will be no compromise on the quality of medicines, consumables or implants that will be used. The rooms are air-conditioned.

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