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Cervical Disc Replacement in India

Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India with most Advanced Technology at Best Spine Hospital in India.

Cervical disc replacement (also known as artificial disc for cervical disc replacement, or total disc arthroplasty) is performed in case of cervical disc herniations(degenerative disc disease where a portion of the spinal disc pushes outside its normal boundary). Although new to the USA, this spine surgery procedure has been carried out in India and many other countries for many years now.

Cervical discs act as cushions or shock absorbers between the bones of the neck and back, or the vertebrae. If the discs are damaged, they can move out of their normal position and apply pressure on the central spinal cord or the nerve roots. This can cause neck pain, tingling sensations and numbness in the arms.

Cervical disc replacement surgery involves the replacement of an injured or degenerated cervical disc with an artificial device. This process helps maintain all forms of motion and has been found to have positive long-term clinical outcomes.

Given the advantages of this procedure, it is easy to see why patients are seeking cervical total disc replacement.

Happily, the cost of cervical disc replacement in India is low. The reasons for affordability cover a gamut: from lower costs of living and labor to a reasonably priced medical infrastructure. Indeed, patients are pleasantly surprised that artificial cervical disc replacement in India is likely to come with up to 60 percent savings in costs charged for the treatment in the U.S., the E.U. and Australia.

Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement – India

Anesthesia and Blood Transfusion:- This procedure is recommended for patients, for whom non-operative treatment has not helped. The procedure involves removing the affected disc, disc fragments or any bone spurs. The disc space is jacked up to the desired normal height (that should have normally been, in case of no disc disease). Following this, the surgeon implants the artificial disc into the prepared disc space.
General Anesthesia is administered for the procedure. Blood transfusion is usually not required

Hospital Stay and Post Procedure Care
Hospital stay is about 1 – 2 days. A stay of 7 days in the host country is suggested.

Benefits of Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery.

• Artificial disc surgery has lesser chances of requiring a revision surgery, compared to spinal fusion surgery
• Normal neck motion can be maintained
• Unlike the spinal fusion surgery the adjacent spinal discs in case of cervical disc replacement don’t have to bear the extra stress .
• Eliminates the need for a painful bone graft
• Recovery time is quicker compared to the fusion surgery.
• Lesser number of patients need a hard collar following the cervical Disc Replacement

Why opt for Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India?

Some of the advantages of getting low-price cervical disc replacement in India are as follows:

• Our network hospital in the country are known for their global standards in technology, surgical equipment, procedural knowledge and hygiene.
• The country’s spine surgeons undergo extensive training and certification. So you are likely to be pleased with the professional experience of your surgeon who would perform your multilevel cervical disc replacement.
• Additionally, most orthopedic surgeons in India are conversant in English.
• With its wide range of medical facilities and professionals, you will face minimal waiting lists and you will be able to schedule your cervical disc replacement surgery in India with few issues.
• The country is a traveler’s bounty chest. A colorful bundle marked by ancient history, deep-rooted culture interspersed with modernity, and an eclectic cuisine, India is an explorer’s dream.

Affordable Cost of Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India at Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India.

Cervical disc replacement Cos in Indiat: $12500 USD

Note:- Cost Estimate of Cervical disc replacement in India,above include stay in a Private Room for specific number of days where a companion can stay with the patient, surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, nursing care and food for the patient. More accurate treatment cost estimates can be provided if medical reports are emailed to us or after the patient is examined by doctors after arrival in India and medical tests are done.

India’s Best Spine Surgeons

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Why choose us for Best Cervical Disc Replacement in India?

Comprehensive Spine Surgery and Treatment in India:
• Comprehensive management of spine disorder from birth defects to degeneration of tumor and trauma.
• Expert evaluation of spinal problems by dedicated team of experienced spine Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Neurologist, Physicians and Physiotherapist
• Dedicated team of International trained and vastly experienced Spine Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Neurologist, Physicians and Physiotherapist.
• Latest Generation Diagnostic and Imaging facilities including dynamic digital X rays, Spiral CT scanning , MRI and Electrophysiology unit all under one roof.
• Close monitoring and control of the entire treatment process.
• Professional and comprehensive management of each case through case management to achieve best treatment outcome and avoid errors
• Use of most advanced Surgical techniques for treatment of spinal ailments with focus on Minimal Access Micro Endoscopic spine surgeries, Functional spine preservation techniques and Spinal Arthroplasty for all( disc diseases) as well as instrumentation.
• Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation by experts after the surgery help you regain functional abilities quickly helping in vastly improved overall results.

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