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Med Access Medical Treatment Management System

Med Access offers comprehensive & professional management of your entire treatment in India   Read More…

Med Access Patient Query Management: FREE Service

We work hard on every aspect of your case, much before you make up your mind for medical treatment in India

1. We manage your case by’ Medical Case Management” process.

2. We seek online multiples opinions from best doctors once we get your medical query.

3. We ensure that right diagnosis & treatment plan with best negotiated, lower than market rate cost estimates are managed from the hospitals and doctors.

4. We help patients in making informed decisions by connecting patients with the doctors on SKYPE so that all questions are answered and all issues are addressed for his hassle-free treatment journey to India.

Med Access Medical Treatment Management

We do not just help you…we professionally manage your entire treatment in India

1. We put your case in the hands of the right medical experts and guarantee the “Best Doctors”, experts in your particular condition

2. We ensure that only India’s top specialists review your medical case and provide an in-depth analysis of your case, so that you can be sure you have “right, reliable and accurate diagnosis”.

3. We seek “multiple opinions” from three top most doctors on OPD basis, once you arrive in India.

4. We make sure that you have considered different options and opinions to arrive at the “correct treatment plan”.

5. Our Case Mangers provide total supervision, coordination and monitoring to ensure that your “treatment is on right track”

6. We help you to achieve the best treatment outcome, remove errors and avoid unwanted surgeries.

Our Guarantees

Med Access guarantees carefree and relaxed treatment journey to India

“You focus on your healing and rest is managed by Med Access”

  • Complete ownership of the patient
  • Total end to end professional management of the entire treatment
  •  Best managed quality treatment for every patient
  • Affordable, committed and lower than market cost guaranteed
  • Ethical treatment practices ensured
  • Misdiagnosis and unnecessary duplication of services avoided
  • Medical errors and avoidable surgeries prevented
  • Efficient and effective management of the entire process
  • Positive treatment outcome, best possible for each case is assured

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