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Managed Treatment Cost

On an average, Med Access “All-inclusive Packages” are 15 to 20% lower than just the “Cost of Treatment” offered by our competitors           

How Do We Arrive At Treatment Package?

  • Med Access creates a competitive environment for hospitals, which allows hospitals to provide best possible cost. This competition between hospitals leads them to offer competitive packages for each treatment sought.
  • When we obtain multiple opinions for your case, we also get information on the “Costs estimates” from selected multiple hospitals and doctors where each case is referred for opinion. This helps us in gaining correct knowledge of cost estimates pertaining to each case.
  • Med Access India’s credibility and reputation in Indian healthcare industry has helped Med Access in gaining high negotiating power as it is viewed as a long term player in medical tourism in India, hence a regular source of business to these hospitals and doctors.
  • Med Access has a good understanding and knowledge of the price structure of various procedures prevailing in the India being in the market for last 8 years.
  • Our direct tie-ups with the doctors provide us an insight into cost break- up and also help us in negotiating better prices with the hospitals.
  • Med Access closely monitors and ensures that the costs are restricted to the package offered to the patients. In a situation when the patient directly deals with the hospitals, there is no body to monitor the costs and there is no way that costs will remain the same as quoted initially.
  • We negotiate and get most competitive prices from the various service providers.
  • We work out most competitive “All-inclusive” for each case referred to us.
  • We manage your treatment cost to make it committed and lower than the market rate and highly affordable by avoiding unnecessary stay at hospital, irrelevant investigations, pathology and diagnostic tests and working closely with ethical doctors only.

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