Mrs. Cecilia. U. Asogwa

My name is Mrs. Cecilia U. Asogwa from Nigeria. I came to India for my health check-up and fibroid surgery. One of my friends introduced me to Med Access India. I was thinking maybe they are one of the facilitator who deals with non-medical things only. But when I reached in India, after meeting to the staff of the Med Access India, I come to know that it’s not just a facilitation company, it’s a complete and unique health/ case management company which is one of its kind. I was very impressed with the models and approaches they have created for better healthcare delivery. My case was managed in such a way that I got more than what I could imagine. It was beyond my expectations.
This new phenomena of accessing a quality and appropriate health care receives my highest commendation as well as recommendation to anybody who can manage the cost. What I saw that made it special and different from previous approaches/encountered earlier in other countries and my own country is;- the issue of consulting competent and experienced doctors (at least three doctors) on the same case, in order to get verified opinion of one’s case (illness) before treatment.

The cost of the treatment is cost effective because of the company’s policy on health as well as the company’s ability to negotiate for best available price; however the patient should be involved in the negotiation process and encouraged better to participate.

Med Access Case manpower is highly commendable. Med Access case managers are humane and understanding in human relationships, especially as regards people visiting from different cultures to India. They are accurate and on-time, follow up to the engagement with their assigned patients are commendable.

Finally, I express my thanks and gratitude to the head of Med Access for ingenuity in putting this organization in place. Wish you good luck. Thanks.

Cecilia. U. Asogwa (ph.D)
DEC Enugu, Nigeria

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