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Cochlear Implant Surgery in India with Most Advanced Technique at Best ENT Hospitals in India.

Med Access India brings together otolaryngologists, audiologists and speech therapists in a center specially designed for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the ear, nose and throat with emphasis of Cochlear Implant Services for total deafness.

Our ENT and Cochlear Center provides the medical, technical, and rehabilitative resources to enhance our patients’ connection with spoken language through listening with Cochlear Implants that are small, electronic devices which provide awareness and understanding of sound to those who do not enjoy the benefits of hearing.

When we talk about a “cochlear implant” we are actually referring to a system of technologies that process and transmit information.

Med Access India is committed to finding the best solution for your hearing loss. If you are incurring some hearing difficulty , it is important to discuss your concerns immediately with a ENT Specialist .

A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. Unlike hearing aids, which make sounds louder, cochlear implants bypass the damaged hair cells of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain.

Many people suffer hearing loss because their hair cells in the inner ear or (or cochlea) are damaged. The cochlear implant enables the sound to be transferred to your hearing nerve and enables you to hear.

Who can they help?

The cochlear implant technology can help people who:

  • have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears
  • receive little or no benefit from hearing aids
  • score 50% or less on sentence recognition tests done by hearing professionals in the ear to be implanted
  • score 60% or less on sentence recognition tests done by hearing professionals in the non-implanted ear or in both ears with hearing aids.
  • Many people have cochlear devices in both ears (bilateral). Listening with two ears can improve your ability to identify the direction of sound and separate the sounds you want to hear from those you don’t.

What are the benefits of a cochlear implant?

Many adults with cochlear implants report that they:

Hear better with a cochlear implant than with a hearing aid

  • A previous study has shown that people with a cochlear implant achieve an average of 80% sentence understanding, compared with 10% sentence understanding for hearing aids1.
  • Can focus better when in noisy environments.
  • Find it easier to have conversations with people across meeting tables, in restaurants and other crowded places.
  • Reconnect with missed sounds that they could not hear before their cochlear implant.
  • Feel safer in the world as they can hear alarms, people calling out and approaching vehicles.
  • Talk and hear on the phone.
  • Enjoy music.An individual or a family might consider a cochlear implant to address any of a number of concerns. Whether it is a family’s goal for a child born deaf to develop verbal language, a parent with progressive hearing loss who wishes to monitor the safety and speech of their hearing child, or a grandparent with advanced hearing loss who desires to hear the voices of younger generations, the motivations for restoring hearing vary widely.

ENT Facilities At Our Affiliated Best Hospital in India.

  • Audiology (hearing evaluation)
    • Tympanography
    • Hearing Aid Trial
    • OAE / BERA / ASSR
    • Balance Disorders Center
    • Vertigo diagnosis
    • Speech therapy / pathology
    • Electronystagmography (ENG) / Vestibular retraining therapy
    • Complete ENT-equipped examination rooms
    • Tympanography
    • Soundproof audiology testing booth
    • Balance disorders testing
    • Cochlear Implant Councelling

Affordable Cost of Cochlear Implant Surgery in India at Best Hospital in India.

Cochlear Implant Surgery cost in India : $5000 USD

Cochlear Implant Instrumentation Cost in India : $12000 to $24500 USD

Note: Cost Estimate above include stay in a Private Room for specific number of days where a companion can stay with the patient, surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, nursing care and food for the patient. More accurate treatment cost estimates can be provided if medical reports are emailed to us or after the patient is examined by doctors after arrival in India and medical tests are done.

India’s Best ENT Surgeons.

The Doctors Other Doctors Trust Most

Why choose Med Access?

  • A Respected Reputation:
    Because of our reputation, patients from across the continents come through Med Access for consultations and treatment to India
  • Outstanding, Multidisciplinary Approach:Our selected team includes board-certified physicians who have earned national and international recognition among their peers. Working as a team, our physicians, audiologists, speech-language pathologists bring together a wide range of expertise that enhances patient care.
  • Thorough Diagnostics & multiple opinions:Med Access believes in conducting an extensive diagnostic process to fully understand each patient’s problem and its causes. With clearer insight into the patient’s condition, we recommend targeted treatments that can be more effective.
  • Innovative Treatment Approaches:Our selected team uses innovative techniques that address the patient’s disorder yet minimize unpleasant side effects or complications.


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